Individualized Nutrition Plans and Personal Training


Coaches Josh & Tonya will help prepare a week-by-week plan to help you get closer to the goals that you choose, not goals that someone else sets for you.

Whether your ideal “you” is leaner, buffer, faster, stronger, or anything that you’ve had a hard time achieving on your own, we’ll prescribe a specific set of macronutrients and maybe some workouts that will get you to where you want to go.



We’ve all tried a new “program” that we’ve seen on the internet, some sort of one-size-fits-all nutrition plan or workout plan that “has worked for millions, SO IT WILL WORK FOR YOU”... except it hasn’t.  These programs have either been too hard, too lax, set unrealistic expectations, or for some of us, a complete waste of time. 

We prepare a program FOR YOU. If you follow it, you WILL have results in the direction of your goals.



Tracking macros is a more sustainable way to ‘diet’ because you can eat what you want. Macros, or ‘macronutrients’, are Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrates.  Based off of our calculations, we'll assign you a target number of macros to hit each day in order to achieve your goals. 

You’ll find that you can eat more food if you eat ‘cleaner’ food, but you’ll also find that when you’re craving pizza, a burger, or some ice cream, there are ways to make them fit into your daily goals. One of our many roles as your coach is to help you find that balance between ‘healthy’ and ‘happy’.